Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Joost Goes Live

The platform that may well prove to be the culmination of the inevitable convergence of the web and and the media outlet formerly (and formally) known as television officially launched. Before even moving out at beta, they have 32 national (now international thanks to the web's reach) advertisers on board and paying for a variety of different forms of ads to an audience that doesn't even exist yet. It's a no-brainer, though. Joost, developed by the guys who last did Skype, has done a great job of signing content deals with a laundry list of providers, most recently Turner Broadcasting (including The Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and CNN), Viacom (who is currently suing Google/YouTube for $1 billion), along with programming from Hasbro (Transformers, GI Joe, etc.), the NHL, Sports Illustrated and Sony Pictures Television.

This site is a monumental step. They will get a lot of eyeballs to take a look at content that will be from both traditional sources, and custom entertainment created specific by/for advertisers.

Learn about the advertising here.
Learn about the content here.

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