Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Live in search of a story to tell.

We're people. We get busy. We get preoccupied. After all, there has never been another point in the history of man where have we had so many options for how to spend our time and maximize every moment. We're constantly connected via technology and there isn't a time when we aren't both heading to and fleeing from some sort of activity. It may seem like you work impossible hours with no end in sight, but the truth is that we, as a society, have more leisure time than ever before--we just don't actually use it for leisure. We're too busy for that nonsense. So, we fill it up. Every second. Then, we find ways to squeeze extra time out of those seconds and wonder why we're still running late to get to dinner.

It is rare that we take the time to create. Generally, we're too busy making commitments to daydream about something that doesn't help get something "done". We sign up and sign on for a few more responsibilities here and there. What's the big deal? After all, it's something that we wanted to be a part of. Each one by itself isn't much, but the dozens upon dozens create one huge pile of obligation. Thus, our natural inclination turns to creating order out of chaos. Get organized. Find a routine. These choices, while certainly helping to simplify the complexities of humanity, are diametrically opposed to the new experiences and adventures that make our lives worth waking up for.

Stop it.

Do something different. Say no. Quit something. Take time. Take a trip. Take a deep breath.

What did you do today? If you didn't do anything worth talking about (and complaining about a client or your boss doesn't count), you officially wasted the day. That's why you feel beat. That's why you feel worn down and vacant. Energy begets energy--positive or negative, you'll attract more of whatever you give.

Grow up to be the sort of person others want to be around. Winding up old, withered, and grumpy is a choice that is made every day over the course of many years. No one wakes up and decides to be unhappy. What's easy becomes habit. It's easy to be irritable. It's not fun to be around, but it's easy.

That's why I encourage you to live your life in search of stories. Big ones. Little ones. Extravagant tales of heroism. Short snippets of sincerity. Whatever your style--embrace it.

How to tell a great story:
Live with open eyes. Have the audacity to share.