Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Joost + AppleTV = enough reason to cancel my cable

Not that I need much of a push.

Two weeks ago, I was reading articles about how AppleTV was going to be Steve Jobs' only flop after a red hot winning streak of brilliant business decisions and product launches (iMac, iPod, iTunes, etc.). Last week, they announced a partnership with YouTube that would allow all video on YouTube to be viewed on your television via AppleTV (initially, it only allowed content that came from iTunes). In fact, YouTube is currently re-rendering all of its content in order to provide higher video quality specifically for this purpose (it's been reported that this huge project has actually been in the works for several weeks in order to be prepared for Apple's release of the iPhone in late June). Today, this interview with Joost CEO Mike Volpi points towards a potential partnership between his fledging internet video content network and Apple.

One big, big step closer to not needing to differentiate between a TV and a computer (and more importantly, pay for both services).

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