Friday, August 29, 2008

Color Week

Charlie Fan
Originally uploaded by ropegun
I spent the week playing around with photography for the first time in quite awhile. The challenge was to pick one color each day and keep an eye out for it. It was a lot of fun, very challenging, and highly recommended. That's Charlie, who is a brilliant model, posing on Red Day.

Check out all of the results on Flickr.




Nicki Laycoax said...

I absolutely love this! Very creative! It's also a great representation of how building your social network, and interacting with them on a consistent basis, keeps you very aware of what it is that each of you do, like, need, and how you can help one another!

If you hadn't been looking for red, you probably would have missed that red fan... If you didn't know that I love helping people find jobs, and you had a friend that needed a job, you wouldn't have known that I'd be glad to help them. (hypothetically speaking) Or, if you didn't know that "Sally" loves Italian food, you wouldn't have known to tell her about the Italian festival in town, thus giving her the feeling that you actually do know her and care.

The power of social media and relationships are priceless. You have everyone and nearly every resource you may ever need just by asking.