Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Andrew Keen Hates My Blog.

I don't take it personally, though, he hates most every blog, video, photo and tweet on the Internet. It's just his way.

Meet Andrew Keen, author of "The Cult of the Amateur". He's really upset that I have an opinion and that I'm "stealing" this video clip to share with you. His claim, in effect, is that the Internet is destroying our culture because now too many people are able to share and express thoughts, ideas, and creative expression rather than leaving it to the "experts". He feels that those who are truly deserving (artists, journalists, etc.) are no longer able to earn a living because the Internet devalues them and allows their work to be stolen or mimicked.

Personally, I believe in an even playing field where anyone with exceptional talent has the opportunity to share that with those who appreciate it--be that 2 people or 2 billion people. I also believe that people who try to make others feel inferior by just firing questions at them to try to make them stumble come off looking quite foolish. What do you think?



This guy sounds like a d-bag. Granted, I haven't watched the clip, but if you don't like him, I wouldn't either because I value your opinion and consider you an authority on such matters ... even though you are not famous.


Mr. Keen hates your blog because you don't update it in a timely fashion.