Monday, April 21, 2008

Microsoft Vista Internal Propaganda

There really aren't words for this.

It just really makes me wonder "why" in oh so many ways. There is no chance that even the people who work for Microsoft are so convoluted as to actually enjoy or believe anything about that production.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Stories Without Words

As far as advertising goes, I venture to say that Sony has become one of the very best at learning how to capture the attention and appreciation of an audience by simply creating an amazing visual experience rooted in the real world. That's a pretty good thing since they exist to sell products that are designed to help you do exactly the same thing. Here is the latest in a line of several pieces that capture the imagination without saying a word.

Just enjoy, and if you have missed out on their previous classics, head to the Sony Bravia site and experience Colour Like No Other.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What Norwigian Children Do in Their Spare Time

I have enough friends who are now engineers to know that they do, in fact, act an awful lot like this as kids. Well, either that, or they just talk about doing things like this, but never get around to actually making any of it happen. Anyway, great concept on this faux-UGC video from Norway.

Unfortunately, this it's a spot for a Scandanavian oil and aluminum production company, not a group seeking to spur amazing progress in alternative fuels or sustainability.

Seeing the Future: The End of the Internet?

I came across an interesting post on GigaOm that I just thought I'd share. If you're a conspiracy theorist or general worry-wort, you might find it frightening. If you're just interested in thinking about how the web evolves and changes, you might just enjoy a different perspective.

Bad things can, of course, happen. Tragic and wide-scale, even, but let's all hope we can avoid this list of the 10 Ways the Internet (As We Know It) Will Die.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Future of Advertising

It isn't all that often that I come across a presentation or article that I think truly nails it, but here is one that slide by slide gets it right. The gentleman who created it is Paul Isakson, Senior Strategic Planner at space150 in Minneapolis, and he's done a fantastic job in explaining what seems to be a difficult concept for far too many.

A brand, just like a person, creates value based upon what it gives the world--not what it says about itself. Do good. If you care about your people or your audience, take the time to understand them and their world. Do something that helps them. Give them a reason to appreciate you, and most likely, they will.